Shailendra Sharma

Yogaacharya Shailendra is born to be yogi with a mission and vision. He has meditative way of life from the very beginning. He practiced yoga as a part of life. He has deep knowledge about human psychology and specialization on ancient practices of medications yoga and naturopathy.

His vast knowledge makes him all rounder. His most respected perception and observation of things to react in every situation with friendly manner is really admirable which shows his meditative state of mind.

Yogaguru Shailendra is founder of Aharnish Dhyan Kendra and retreat center. He is selfless and dedicated to serve the humanity. Apart from yoga teaching he is die-heartedly involved in the missions of Holistic Healthcare to help people to live a healthy and happy life.

Bharat Acharya

Acharya Bharat Giri (MA, MBS, BSc, YP)

The seven days Pragya yoga special course is developed by Acharya Bhart Giri where in the harmony of the yogic and Buddhist Sadhana tradition can be realized in a steady sequence. Acharya Bharat Giri belong to a traditional sanyasi lineage row as the householder tradition. He was once a solitary Sadhaka exploring various spiritual paths and yogic approaches. The earlier days experiences and his present days dimensional research studies in yogic spiritual science has now come formulated into a simplified and condensed form of Pragya yogic technique for mid-term effective retreat to suit a graduate in Biological Science.  

He holds two master’s degree; one in Culture and another in Buddhism, He has also received a training on yoga and Naturopathy from Nepal Sanskrit University. He is well acquainted in advance Buddhist Meditation tradition as well. His approaches is based in Astanga Yoga with light integration with hatha and other forms of yoga and spiritual cultivation , Guided Meditation, Self Meditation, Pragysutra (basis of holistic teaching for self restoration/realization) and community welfare.

Sanyasi Dharma Raj

A wandering sadhu since 1994. He has lived in the Himalayas exploring A experiencing spiritual lifestyle. He feel teaching is about transmission and transformation. He also feels meditation is concentration and withdrawal technique and when you reach or perfect certain level of it, you automatically slip into the meditative mode.

His guru’s name is swami Nirajannan Saraswati of Bihar Yoga Bharati, munee or popularly known as Satyananda Yoga. He was directly under the guidance and blessing of Sri Swami Satyanadnda Saraswati in Rikhta Peeth from 2005 to 2008

For him “ Spirituality is not about believing in God, its bout believing in our own self. Self confidence itself is sprituality.

Now he has a life partner , a born mystic called ‘Mystic Gargi’ they wander together spreading “Inner peace for genuine seekers”