Meditations at AMC provides an excellent natural paradise for meditation, yoga and holistic health restoration. The place is located just over a kilometer away for Araniko Highway adjoining the capital city Kathmandu and a major tourist destination Dhulikhel. The center offers the best natural atmosphere for your holistic wellbeing. It is more than a place, it is a space that incites the feelings of refreshment, relaxation , rejuvenation and sanctity of mind body and spirit. It is an oasis next t o a busy city. The center offers the best destination for a uniquely fulfilling Himalayan experience in your life. Bird watching (such as bird of paradise) and bird songs naturally arouses in you the true experience of the forest solitude. The natural chorus of insects(crickets, cicadas, grasshoppers and katydids) would lull you into a peaceful slumber and deep meditation especially during moonlit clear nights. The forest breeze rich in oxygen

Contemporary Practices

As our center upholds the holistic ideals of life we also welcome individuals and groups aspiring in more personalized and group sadhana as well as spiritual cultivation.  We have special guidance and guidelines for the excellence in the respective path of spirituality such as:

The above packages can be arranged for special groups occasionally.

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