Sansyasi Dharmaraj Meditation Retreat


The Sanskrit word for meditation is ‘Dhyana’. Uninterrupted flow of consciousness is dhyana or meditation, and this uninterrupted flow of consciousness can be achieved to a certain level by concentration (dharana) and withdrawal (pratyahara) techniques.

Meditation cannot be taught and cant be learned. What you are learning and are teaching is concentration and withdrawal techniques.

The activation of ‘Intuition’ is the start of your meditative journey and this intuition itself will guide you to spiritual awareness

Day 1

1st Class- Introduction & Guided Meditation

2nd Class- Yoga philosophy-1 & mantra meditation

3rd Class- Yoga Nidra (psychic Sleep)

Day 2

1st Class- What is concentration (Dharana) & Kaya Sthairyam Meditation

2nd Class – Yoga philosophy-2 & Healing Meditation

3rd (last) Class- Guided Meditation

Day 3

1 st Class- What is yoga Nidra (psychic sleep) and Satyananda meditation

2nd Class- Yoga philosophy and Guided Meditation

3rd Class- Yoga Nidra (psychic Sleep)


1st Class- Understanding the kundalini science and Mantra Meditation

2nd Class- Yoga philosophy and inner visualisation

3rd Class- Kaya Sthairyam Meditation and Yoga Nidra (Physhic Sleep)


1st Class: Silent Meditation

2nd Class- Yoga Philosophy5 &Chitdakshay Dharna Meditation

3rd Class- Healing Meditation

Day 6

Holiday or join generalized retreat


1st Class: Kaya sthiryam Meditation

2nd Class- Yoga Philosophy6 & Ajapa Japa Meditation

3rd Class- Yoga Nidra (Physhic Sleep)


1st Class: Healing& understanding the chakra and Kundalini Meditation

2nd Class- Yoga Philosophy 6 & Yoga Nidra

3rd Class- Ajapa Japa Meditation


1st Class: Antar Mauna Meditation

2nd Class- Kaya sthiryam Meditation

3rd Class- Ajapa Japa Meditation